A Campaign-Oriented Civil War Living- History Organization  

"The Fighting Fifth"

In 1981, The Fifth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers, a membership organization, incorporated, seeking to recreate and honor Company A formed in 1861 to assist in preserving the Union. The 5th NHV is a 501 (c) 3, tax-exempt historical society, organized to promote, educate and preserve the Civil War heritage of our state and nation representing in style and equipment an authentic Union Civil War Infantry Regiment. In accordance with our by-laws, a governing committee of five members, known as the Executive Board, is responsible for conducting the organization's business, establishing rules and regulations, ensure financial accountability and oversight, and in general, it is responsible for the organization's growth and overall impression on the field and before the public. Members of the Fifth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers have gathered due to a common goal of participating in a living-history experience that approximates soldier life  from 1861-1865. We are very serious about this hobby and uphold high standards regarding the impression. You are welcome to join us and share in the patriotism, camaraderie, enthusiasm, enjoyment, and the mutual exchange of historical knowledge.

Historic Preservation

The Fifth New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry monument at the Wheat Field on the Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania.  On July 2, 1863, a confederate sharpshooter mortally wounded and killed Colonel  Edward E. Cross near this site. The monument was dedicated by the veterans of the 5th New Hampshire Volunteers twenty-three years later on July 2, 1886.  All but the horizontal granite stone are indigenous to the site. 

Photo by Jim Blake

Remembrance Day, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - 2011


Musterfield Drill - November 2008
Good volley lads!  Bully!

Photo by George Hall