About Us

In 1981, The Fifth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers, a membership organization, incorporated, seeking to recreate and honor Company A. We are a 501 (c) 3, tax-exempt historical society, organized to promote, educate and preserve the Civil War heritage of our state and nation representing in style and equipment an authentic Union Civil War infantry regiment. We are very serious about this hobby and uphold high standards regarding the impression. You are welcome to join us and share in the patriotism, camaraderie, enthusiasm, enjoyment, and the mutual exchange of historical knowledge.

Fifth NH Monument in the Rose Woods, Gettysburg – November 2017

There are several efforts that we have participated in over the years to help preserve Civil War history in the state and the nation shown here, including: donating to the American Battlefield Trust, helping in maintaining the NH unit stones at the Gettysburg NPS, maintaining the gravestone of Charles Phelps, and having markers placed in Boscawen at the state veterans cemetery for soldier who served in the war and did not have a stone anywhere else.

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