Before buying anything PLEASE contact a member of the Executive Board. The unit may have additional, quality gear that you can buy.

EquipmentApproved VendorsNotes
 Shoes or “Bootees” or “Brograns”Missouri Boot & Shoe Co.

Mattimore Harness

Shoes will require the longest time to acquire, so order them, with heal plates attached, as soon as possible.  Buy an extra pair of black or dark brown laces also.
 Eye wear  Contact lenses are best followed by using original frames.  Contact a committee member.     
  Socks   S & S Sutler

Wambaugh, White & Company
Woollen socks – period machine knit socks last the longest.
     Forage  CapsType IRegimental Quartermaster

 S & S Sutler
Try the cap before buying. A hat that is a little tight is preferable. Sweat will form fit the cap and keep it on your head. Type 1, “early war”, is preferred.
Slouch HatsDirty Billy

S & S Sutler
 Very useful in the field. Own a forage cap before buying a slouch hat. Contact a committee member prior to purchase.
  ShirtsWambaugh, White & Company

S & S Sutler
White domat flannel issue shirt is a must.  A grey flannel and/or cotton civilian shirt may be secondary.
 Under DrawersWambaugh, White & Company

S & S Sutler
Made of soft canton flannel and are worn under the trousers. 
  Sack CoatWambaugh, White & Company

S & S Sutler
   TrousersWambaugh, White & Company

S & S Sutler

Stoney Brook Company   
“Galluses” “Braces” or SuspendersMissouri Boot & Shoe Co.

  S & S Sutler
James Owens  
    LeathersS & S Sutler
Missouri Boot & Shoe Co.

C&D Jarnigan (cartridge boxes)

Cartridge Box, Cartridge Box Sling, Breast Plate, Cap Box, Two-Rivet Scabbard, Waist Belt with standing loop and “puppy paw” belt plate.
   CanteenWambaugh, White & Company

S & S Sutler
Made of hot-dipped tin with a pewter spout.  See Committee member for additional advice.
  TinwareS & S Sutler
Plate, boiler with a “bail” or handle is preferable.
  UtensilsSutler Row with authenticity committee member assistance
Knife, fork and spoon – separate or the combo tool
    BayonetThe Horse Soldier (original bayonet)

S & S Sutler

Regimental Quartermaster
The reproduction made in Italy or an original are best and will last longer than cheaper items.

Italian versions are quite good.  
 See also musket vendor.
Musket SlingS & S Sutler
    Musket  Regimental Quartermaster

Lodgewood Mfg.
Contact a committee member prior to purchase.  ARMI-SPORT is recommended.
Buy an extra cone and cone-seat screw.
Also purchase a bayonet, wiper and and screw driver from musket purveyor.  Ask about warranty and return policies.
For care of your weapon buy the Sullivan Press reprint Rules for the Management and Cleaning of the Rifle Musket 1861 originally printed in 1862. 
   BlanketS & S Sutler
  Rubber BlanketMissouri Boot & Shoe Co.
S & S Sutler
Small rivets – do not order a poncho.
   KnapsackMissouri Boot & Shoe Co.

S & S Sutler
James Owens  
 Haversack Missouri Boot & Shoe Co.

S & S Sutler
  Shelter Half Wambaugh, White & Company

S & S Sutler
  Early war, three-piece, with bone buttons are preferable.
  OvercoatS & S Sutler of Gettysburg

Wambaugh, White & Company 
 Frock CoatS & S Sutler
    MISCWambaugh, White & Company

S & S Sutler
Books, housewives, NCO stripes, manuals, mirrors, etc. 
   Used Gear  Stoney Brook Company

Lodgewood Mfg.
Caveat Emptor – Consult a committee member before purchasing if possible.